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Data Management Systems Lab 
DaMSL researchers explore challenges faced by modern, large-scale computing applications that handle vast quantities of information, and design, build and deploy tools that embody the principles of declarative programming, automatic optimization and extensibility.

Distributed Systems and Networks Lab 
Researchers in the DSN focus on the interplay between theory and practice in distributed systems and networks, with a goal of creating a paradigm shift in the way such systems are designed and built.

Storage Systems Lab 
HSSL researchers are dedicated to building storage and database systems that address emerging requirements in scientific, high-performance and distributed computing. Research includes scientific data management, scalable storage systems, data archival and preservation, storage security and more.


Yanif Ahmad

Yair Amir

Randal Burns

Soudeh Ghorbani

Ryan (Peng) Huang

Xin Jin

Andreas Terzis

Scott Smith

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