Our Systems faculty are engaged in research projects that will lead to more robust, reliable, and secure computer systems for the real world. They are conducting state-of-the-art work in systems for big data, networks and network architectures, mobile security, cloud computing, and data-intensive computing and databases.

Research Groups and Labs

Distributed Systems and Networks Lab

Researchers in the DSN focus on the interplay between theory and practice in distributed systems and networks, with a goal of creating a paradigm shift in the way such systems are designed and built.

Order Lab

The overarching goal of the lab is to advance the principles and practices in building next-generation dependable systems for emerging platforms.

Next-Generation Database for Modeling Turbulent Flows

Led by Johns Hopkins University, a team of researchers from three institutions is using a new $4 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to create a next-generation turbulence database that will enable groundbreaking research in engineering and the atmospheric and ocean sciences.