Our programming languages research spans many areas and includes type systems, language design, type inference, efficient implementation of higher-order typed languages, side effects, concurrency, security, and metaprogramming.

Our researchers also investigate a broad variety of theoretical problems with the goal of gaining insights into some of the most important issues in computer science today. Active research areas include streaming algorithms, pseudorandomness, approximation algorithms, theoretical networking, hardness of approximation, and cryptography.

Research Groups and Labs

Algorithms and Complexity

Studying broad variety of theoretical problems, with the aim of gaining insight into some of the fundamental issues in computer science.

Programming Languages Laboratory

Research is focused on the extraction of static (compile-time) properties of programs. This can include type information, flow information, security information, and other program properties.

Intel Adopts Load Balance Technology

Associate Professor Vladimir Braverman and Alan Liu, PhD ’18, developed a new strategy for managing website traffic that has been adopted by the Intel software stack.