Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, the nation’s first research institution. The department is dedicated to upholding the university long-standing tradition of excellence in research, education, and civic engagement.


Our faculty and students collaborate across Johns Hopkins divisions, including with colleagues at the School of Medicine and the Applied Physics Laboratory, and are advancing discovery in areas ranging from AI, computational biology and medicine and information security to machine learning, robotics, and speech and language processing.

Excellence in Academics

We offer both BS and BA and multiple graduate degree programs, which means our students can pursue a course of study that suits their specific interests and career goals while also ensuring that they have the foundational knowledge experiences they need to achieve professional success–no matter what path they choose.

Active and Engaged Alumni

Join our community and you’ll be part of a global network of alumni that includes entrepreneurs, leaders in a wide variety of industries–from cutting-edge tech firms to finance and medicine–as well as in academia, all of whom are invested and involved in our students’ success.

Quick Facts

  • 571Undergraduate students

    Many of our undergraduates participate in research and work in laboratories.

  • 151Master's Students

    We offer two highly-ranked master’s programs in computer science and information security, giving students advanced technical skills they’ll need to take on leadership roles in the field.

  • 205PhD students

    PhD students work closely with our faculty experts. We are proud to train the next generation of scholars in computer science research.

  • #18 Undergraduate Computer Science Program

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Making an Impact

  • Predicting Cyber Attacks Between Nations

    The Cyber Attack Predictive Index an effort led by computer science’s Anton Dahbura provides a predictive analysis of nations most likely to engage in the surreptitious strategy waged with keyboards, code, and destructive malware rather than soldiers, tanks and airplanes.

  • Responding to an Urgent Need

    Computer Science faculty in the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare brought their expertise to bear on the challenges of COVID-19.

  • Canine Comfort

    One way to make pediatric patients feel more at home in a hospital environment is to give them a furry, four-legged friend—or a robotic equivalent.

  • The Data Behind Your Burrito

    Computer Science alum and lead data scientist at Chipotle, Mash Syed, MS ’15, offers in-depth data analysis to the company’s executives to help them make informed business decisions.