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Center for Computational Genomics
CCG is a multi-disciplinary initiative to support research and education in the field of Computational Genomics.

Institute for Computational Medicine 
ICM develops quantitative approaches for understanding the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of human disease through applications of mathematics, engineering and computer science.

Center for Computational Biology 
CCB is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to research on genomics, genetics, and DNA sequencing technology. The center brings together scientists and engineers from many fields, including computer science, biostatistics, genomics, genetics, molecular biology, physics, and mathematics, all of whom share a common interest in gaining a better understanding of how genes and genomes affect biological functions. We develop and apply technology that uses sequence data to study a wide range of questions, including how genes cause disease, how genes change in response to different conditions within the cell, and how genomes evolve.

Center for Imaging Science 
CIS participates in the worldwide establishment of the analytical models for image and pattern understanding analogous to the models generated in the Shannon era for communications and information transmission. Johns Hopkins University also has a strong network of scientists in computational genomics, with diverse interests in many kinds of computational and statistical analyses of genomes.



Alexis Battle

Ben Langmead

Steven Salzberg

Suchi Saria

Michael Schatz

Mark Dredze

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