Computational biology involves applying computational methods to address biological questions and challenges. Our faculty are pioneering new directions in the field of computational biology and medicine, in close collaboration with world-renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers.

Johns Hopkins University is home to a strong network of scientists working in computational genomics with diverse interests in many kinds of computational and statistical analyses of genomes.

Research Centers and Labs

Center for Computational Biology

The CCB is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to research on genomics, genetics, and DNA sequencing technology.

Center for Computational Genomics

The CCG is a multidisciplinary initiative to support research and education in the field of computational genomics.

Center for Imaging Science

The CIS sits at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, biomedical engineering, and electrical engineering; using mathematical and computational approaches, CIS researchers are pioneering new discoveries in four major areas: medical image analysis, computer vision, computational biology, and statistical learning.

Institute for Computational Medicine

The ICM develops quantitative approaches for understanding the mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease through the application of mathematics, engineering, and computer science.

Male sex chromosome, missing piece in human genome, finally decoded

The achievement could provide a clearer picture of the role the chromosome plays in male-specific development, fertility, and genetically triggered diseases like cancer.