CS Affiliates

Part-Time, Visiting & Adjunct Affiliates

Ayo Akinyele, Adjunct Associate Research Engineer

Amihood Amir, Research Professor; Pattern matching, knowledge discovery algorithms, real time systems algorithms, computational molecular biology.

Mitra Basu, Visiting Professor; Computational biology, pattern recognition, neural networks, artificial intelligence.

Philippe Burlina, Associate Research Professor; Machine vision, medical image analysis, machine learning, enterprise software systems, content and e-process management, SDLC, software engineering. APL

Chris Callison-Burch, Associate Research Professor; Statistical machine translation, data-driven paraphrasing, crowdsourcing, and evaluation metrics

Gabor Fichtinger, Adjunct Professor; Applied surgical robotics, surgical CAD/CAM systems, percutaneous therapies, stereotactic radiosurgery

Sheela Kosaraju, Lecturer – Computer Ethics

Harold Lehmann, Lecturer – Medical informatics

Yansheng Li, Visiting Assistant Professor

James Mayfield, Associate Research Professor; Information retrieval, cross-language retrieval, information extraction, natural language processing. APL, HLTCOE

Bilge Mutlu, Visiting Associate Professor

Seth Nielson, Adjunct Associate Research Scientist;  Network security

Christine Piatko, Assistant Research Professor; Computational geometry, information visualization, information retrieval APL, HLTCOE

Matt Post, Assistant Research Scientist; Machine translation, syntax, parsing, and language modeling HLTCOE, CLSP

Will Gray Roncal, Assistant Research Professor; APL

Ralph Semmel, Professor (Nontenured), Director, APL

Wei Shen, Visiting Assistant Professor

John W. Sheppard, Adjunct Professor; Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining

Andreas Terzis, Associate Research Professor; Computer networks, low-Power Sensor Networks

Lanier Watkins, Adjunct Associate Research Scientist

I-Jeng Wang, Assistant Research Professor; Wireless networking, Bayesian networks, probabilistic models APL

Aleksey Zimin, Adjunct Associate Research Scientist


Secondary & Joint Faculty

Alexis Battle, Assistant Professor, Computational Biology & Medicine Group, Machine Learning & Data Intensive Computing Group.

Emad M. Boctor, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Univeristy, 2006. Image-guided Intervention, ultrasound imaging, elasticity and thermal imaging. CISST

Tamas Budavari, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Eötvös Lóránd University, 2001. Computational statistics. Bayesian inference, low-dimensional embeddings, streaming and randomized algorithms

Greg Chirikjian, Professor; Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D., Caltech, 1992. Robotics, kinematics, dynamics, control, motion planning.

Noah J. Cowan, Associate Professor; Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2001. Sensor-based control of locomotion and manipulation, machine learning, and biologically inspired robotics.

Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Professor; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1990. VLSI circuits, systems and algorithms for biologically inspired and low-power, parallel mixed-signal processing, biomorphic robotics and neural prosthetics.

James Fill, Professor; Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Ph.D. Statistics, University of Chicago, 1980. Probability, stochastic processes, random structures and algorithms.

Liliana Florea, Associate Professor; McKusick-Nathans Institute for Genetic Medicine; Ph.D. Penn State University, 2000. Application of computational techniques towards modeling and solving problems in biology and genetic medicine.

Rachel Karchin, Associate Professor; Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D., Computer Science UC Santa Cruz, 2003. Computational molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetic variation.

Sanjeev Khudanpur, Associate Professor; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ph.D., Maryland, 1997. Information theory, statistical language modeling for speech recognition and machine translation.

Marin Kobilarov, Assistant Professor; Mechanical Engineering; PhD. University of Southern California, 2008. Autonomy and intelligence of robotic systems, stochastic optimal control and statistical learning.

Enrique Mallada, Assistant Professor; Electrical and Computer Engineering; PhD. Cornell University, 2014. Network dynamics, and distributed systems.

Michael I. Miller, Professor; Biomedical Engineering; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1984. Image understanding, computer vision, medical imaging, computational anatomy.

Mihaela Pertea, Associate Professor; McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine and Department of Medicine; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2001. Development of computational tools for RNA-seq analysis, gene finding, splice site prediction, and sequence motif finding.

Carey Priebe, Professor; Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Ph.D., George Mason, 1993. Computational statistics, kernel and mixture estimates, statistical pattern recognition, and statistical image analysis.

Jerry L. Prince, William B. Kouwenhoven Professor; Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Director for Research, CISST ERC. Ph.D., MIT, 1988. Image processing, computer vision, medical imaging.

Rebecca Schulman, Assistant Professor; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; PhD., University of California at Berkeley, 2011.

Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Professor; Biomedical Engineering; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1998. Imaging physics, diagnostic radiology, image-guided interventions.

James Taylor, Ralph S. O’Connor Associate Professor; Biology; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2006; Genome informatics.

Archana Venkataraman, Assistant professor; Electrical and computer engineering; Ph.D., MIT 2012. Functional neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG), machine learning and probabilistic inference, network modeling of the brain and integration of imaging, genetics and behaviorial data.

Rene Vidal, Associate Professor; Biomedical Engineering; Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2003. Computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and control.

Joshua Vogelstein, Assistant Professor; Biomedical engineering; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2009.

Louis Whitcomb, Professor; Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D., Yale, 1992. Dynamics and control of mechanical systems.

Raimond L. Winslow, Professor; Biomedical Engineering and Director, The Institute for Computational Medicine; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1985. Modeling of biological systems, nonlinear systems theory, grid computing and data management, biomedical ontologies.

Tom Woolf, Professor; Physiology; Ph.D. Yale, 1990.

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