Researchers in the Natural Language Processing group work at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics. Projects in this area aim to understand how human language is used to communicate ideas and to develop technology for machine analysis, translation, and transformation of multilingual speech and text.

Computer scientists in this group work closely with researchers in other departments via the Whiting School’s Center for Language and Speech Processing.

Research Centers and Labs

Center for Language and Speech Processing

The CLSP conducts research across a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied topics, including acoustic processing, automatic speech recognition, big data, cognitive modeling, computational linguistics, information extraction, machine learning, machine translation, and text analysis.

Human Language Technology Center of Excellence

The HLTCOE focuses on advanced technology for automatically analyzing a wide range of speech, text, and document data in multiple languages.

Linguistics at JHU

Within the Department of Cognitive Science, linguistics research focuses on integrating formal linguistics within a broader cognitive science perspective by addressing questions about the nature of linguistic representations themselves, their processing, the architecture and learnability of the grammar, the implementation of linguistic theories in terms of neural computations, and language acquisition in the broader context of cognitive development.

Multi-language mastery: minimized hardware, maximized efficiency

Johns Hopkins computer scientists introduce a new method to reduce the size of multilingual language models.