Graduate Life

  • The CS Department provides excellent work spaces and systems for graduate students. PhD students have individual workstations within their research labs as well as access to collaborative meeting rooms. Masters students have unlimited access (open 24 hours a day, seven days a week) to a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to allow them to work individually on homework assignments or as part of project teams. All work spaces have whiteboard walls for writing out ideas.


    For IT and Computing Support, please visit the CS IT Support.


    • The Happy Hour Czars coordinate students from various research labs and masters students to organize and host the Friday afternoon Happy Hour events (costs reimbursed by the department).
    • The Grad Lounge Czar oversees the use of the grad lounge making sure it is kept clean and used appropriately and any problems reported to the CS office.
    • The Coffee Czar  is responsible for making sure the coffee machine is kept clean and replenishing supplies in coordination with the department administrative office.
    • The Faculty Liaison Czar, a senior student, will attend bi-weekly faculty meetings (food provided), serve as a liaison between the students and faculty and relay relevant department issues and decisions to the students.
    • The Seminar Recording Czars are responsible for recording the weekly seminars (on a rotating basis) and uploading the content to the CS IT staff to host on the CS web page.
    • The GRO Czar will attend meetings of the Graduate Representative Organization and make sure our voice (the most graduates in the Whiting School) is heard and keep CS students aware of GRO activities and events.
    • The Graduate Board Czars will attend meetings once or twice a semester to discuss issues regarding WSE graduate departments and participate in discussions and decisions regarding WSE graduate student policies.  Student may occasionally vote on certain graduate school items.
    •  The Meta Czar  will make sure all the czar volunteers understand their duties and ensure all czar positions are filled through the academic year.  Hold new czar elections during Orientation.
  • Most PhD students in the department are fully supported by fellowships, research assistantships, or teaching assistantships. Graduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA are invited to apply for work as course assistants (CAs) within the department. Payrates vary from $9.00-15.00 per hour; several head TA positions funded at $3K/course are available for experienced CAs each semester.

    The Student Employment Website lists opportunities across the university for a wide range of positions.

  • GRO

    The Graduate Representative Organization is a student-run organization that represents graduate students on the Homewood Campus. The GRO Endowment Shopping Mall invites you to shop at Amazon, Orbitz and other sites, and for no skin off your back the GRO gets a small commission on your purchase.


    JHU Association of Computing Machinery


    ACM Student Chapter

    The Johns Hopkins Association for Computing Machinery is dedicated to furthering knowledge and advancement of computers and information technology through the free exchange of ideas and information.


    Women in Computer Science

    Women in Computer Science

    Women in Computer Science (WiCS) provides opportunities and resources for female computer science students. Events include speakers, dinners, and weekly “Coding Circles.”


    UPE Honor Society

    Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines. UPE contributes to computer science as a discipline, as well as awards scholarships to outstanding graduating computer science students and those showing outstanding academic achievement.

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