The flagship educational experience offered by the Johns Hopkins University in the area of information security and assurance is represented by the Master of Science in Security Informatics (MSSI) degree.

While being mentored by recognized leaders in the field, you will combine applied disciplines—including computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and management and policy—while you benefit from our proximity to Washington, D.C. and our deep connections with federal agencies, key R&D institutions, and diverse industrial sectors.

We offer core courses in the most current topics in information security, such as Security and Privacy in Computing, Modern Cryptography, Computer Forensics, Software Vulnerability Analysis, Computer Intrusion Detection, Cloud Computing Security, Rights in the Digital Age, and Financial Issues in Managing a Secure Operation.

In addition to our core course requirements, students have the opportunity to pursue one of two tracks of study: Technology & Research or Policy & Management.

We offer unparalleled dual degree and joint program opportunities in computer science, applied mathematics, health science, and national security. Supported by the research and educational programs at Johns Hopkins’ renowned School of Medicine, we are the nation’s first information security program to focus on healthcare information security.

We offer many opportunities for paid research, teaching, and work experience on our campuses and qualified students may benefit from unique scholarship opportunities, including the National Science Foundation CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service and the Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program.

Our technology and recruitment seminar series provides direct access to technical and business leaders in the field and to the latest trends and challenges in the rapidly changing sector of information security.

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National Science Foundation CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service Program

CyberCorps®: Scholarship For Service (SFS) is a unique, fully-funded scholarship program designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of federal information assurance professionals that protect the government’s critical information infrastructure. This program provides scholarships that may fully fund the typical costs incurred by full-time students, including tuition and education-related fees; participating graduate students currently receive additional annual stipends of $34,000. After graduation, participants must fulfill a government service obligation for a period equivalent to the length of their scholarship (up to two years, odd-semester programs are rounded up). Scholarships are funded through grants awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Looking for part-time and online programs?

Consistently rated as one of the best online master’s degrees in cybersecurity, the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals cybersecurity program combines knowledge from instructors who are working to fight cybersecurity threats on the front lines with relevant courses designed to put you ahead.