Author: Sydney Portale

As the leading research institute in the country, Johns Hopkins gives undergraduate students the opportunity for independent study through the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA).  This award, established by former Provost Joseph Cooper in 1993, enables selected students to conduct research of their choosing.  Guided by Hopkins mentors, these students will design, develop, and execute their research over the course of the 2022 academic year.  This opportunity allows students to apply their research skills and creativity to a comprehensive project.

The recipients from the Department of Computer Science include:

  • Narayani Wagle ’22, Computer Science and Neuroscience double major

Mentored by Kemar Green, assistant professor of neurology, Wagle will be conducting research in “Automated Detection of Nystagmus Using Deep Learning.”

  • Rongrong Liu ’23, Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics triple major

Mentored by Yi Li, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, Liu will be conducting research in “Developing an Automated Algorithm to Solve the Pentagon and Hexagon Polynomial Equations in Topological Quantum Computing.”

  • Yuncong “Toby” Mao ’24, Neuroscience and Computer Science double major

Mentored by Natalia Trayanova, professor of biomedical engineering, and Nikhil Paliwal, postdoctoral fellow, ADVANCE, Mao will be conducting research in “Predicting Stroke Risk Among Atrial Fibrillation Patients Using Machine Learning Algorithms.”

Click here to learn more about PURA, and a full list of 2022 recipients can be found here.