Beginning November 1, 2022, Dinitz will receive a National Science Foundation grant of over half a million dollars to study the algorithmic problems in network design.

Dinitz’s research project, “New Directions in Network Design,” was granted through the NSF’s Algorithmic Foundations (AF) program, which supports potentially transformative projects in the theory of algorithms.

His research will explore three new paths for network design that are becoming crucial to keeping up with current technologies.  These new network design theories will examine problems plaguing old network design issues and adapt them to modern settings.

Through this grant, Dinitz’s work will also engage local Baltimore school districts ranging from middle school to high school students through existing mathematics programs.

With a second appointment in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Dinitz is an expert in approximation algorithms and the theory of networking.  Amongst his many career distinctions, Dinitz has also recently received a Best Paper award from one of the top conferences in distributed computing.

Dinitz also currently serves as an associate editor for the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) journal Transactions on Algorithms.