Interior of Malone Hall, second floor.
Malone Hall, home of the Johns Hopkins Department of Computer Science

The Johns Hopkins Department of Computer Science is pleased to welcome new faculty members and affiliates this academic year, including:

  • Daniel Khashabi, Assistant Professor
  • Anjalie Field, Research Professor (she will start her tenure track position 7/1/2023)
  • Ziang Xiao, Research Professor (he will start his tenure track position 1/1/2024)
  • Krishan Sabani, Homewood Professor of Computer Science
  • Alejandro Martin-Gomez, Assistant Research Professor (LCSR)
  • Kapil Katyal, Assistant Research Professor (APL)
  • Ehsan Azimi, Assistant Research Professor (Nursing)
  • Reno Kriz, Research Scientist at HLTCOE (Secondary)
  • Craig Jones, Assistant Research Professor (CS)
  • Nicolas Loizou, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Secondary)
  • Greg Anderson, Lecturer
  • Gagan Garg, Sr. Lecturer
  • Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, Sr. Lecturer (Secondary)
  • Tom McGuire, Lecturer
  • Stephen Walli, Lecturer