Shiye (Sally) Cao

Shiye (Sally) Cao has been named as a finalist for the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.  This year’s class of nominees have impressive backgrounds in research, authoring or co-authoring papers, mentorship or internship experience; and community volunteer efforts.  The complete list of honorees and their distinctions can be found here.

A fourth-year in the Department of Computer Science, Cao has spent her time at Hopkins as an integral part of both the Society for Women Engineers SWE++ Program and Undergraduate Leaders in Advising Program, where she has helped to foster diversity in the JHUCS community. Through the SWE++ program, Cao had the opportunity to mentor six first-generation students in the department, as well as aid other students through her position as lead course assistant in machine learning.

Joining Chien-Ming Huang, John C. Malone Professor of Computer Science, Cao began researching AI-assisted human decision making, the AI-human interaction, and the relationship between available decision time and people’s reliance on AI-assistance in simulated tasks. This topic has inspired Sally to continue her research in the AI-human relationship dynamic in her future PhD studies.

Previous JHU CRA awardees:

  • Shiye (Sally) Cao ’22 (2022) Finalist
  • Frank Bu MS ’21 (2021) Honorable Mention
  • Gongqi Huang ’21 (2021) Honorable Mention
  • Xiang (Lisa) Li ’20 (2020) Winner
  • Praneeth Sadda ’14 (2014) Honorable Mention