Peter Kazanzides

Research Interests

  • Computer-integrated surgery and satellite servicing, which share common themes of human/machine interfaces to keep the human in the loop
  • Real-time sensing to account for uncertainty
  • System engineering to enable deployment in the real world

Kazanzides co-founded Integrated Surgical Systems (ISS) in November 1990 to commercialize the robotic hip replacement research performed at IBM and the University of California, Davis. As Director of Robotics and Software, he was responsible for the design, implementation, validation and support of the ROBODOC System, which has been used for more than 20,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries. He earned an Sc.B. (’83) in electrical engineering, an AB (’83) in computer science, an Sc.M  (’85) in electrical engineering, a Sc.M (‘87) in applied mathematics and a Ph.D. (’88) in electrical engineering – all at Brown University.

Secondary Appointments: Johns Hopkins Systems Institute

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