When: Feb 22 2024 @ 4:30 PM
Where: Clipper Room
Shriver Hall, 3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
The Emeritus Professorial Lectures.

Join us for an Emeritus Professorial Lecture honoring Aviel Rubin, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Whiting School of Engineering.

“Tikkun Cyber-Olam: Making Cyberspace a Better Place”
Tikkun olam is a Hebrew expression that means “fixing the world,” used to describe one’s efforts to make the world a better place. Aviel Rubin’s career has focused on improving security and privacy for the residents of cyberspace. He spent his first nine years working in industry research labs at Bellcore and AT&T on problems such as web privacy, censorship resistance, and secure remote access. He then came to Hopkins in 2003 and focused on electronic voting security, trusted health and wellness, and Internet of Things security. These research areas are replete with interesting and difficult problems—and at the same time have significant societal implications. Rubin has been afforded opportunities such as assisting in the drafting of federal legislation, testifying before Congress and the Election Assistance Commission, and providing a security briefing to four-star generals at the Pentagon. This talk will describe his research and his journey as he worked to improve security and privacy in cyberspace.

About Aviel Rubin
Aviel Rubin, a professor emeritus of computer science, is recognized throughout academia, the computer science industry, and government for his expertise in computer security and applied cryptography. His extensive research and service encompass the full scope of information security issues, from hacking and healthcare cybersecurity to high-tech litigation. Rubin is the sought-after expert on electronic voting and has briefed Congress and high-ranking Army officials at the Pentagon on election tampering and other issues of national security, has served as an expert witness for numerous court cases involving technology litigation, and has given TED talks on hacking in an increasingly connected world. He additionally holds 10 patents for various applications for secure online transactions.

The Emeritus Professorial Lecture Series honors our distinguished senior faculty members as they transition to the next phase of their careers. These talks provide them with an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and share with us their vision for the future.