Message from the Chair

Randal BurnsGreetings and welcome to Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University!

Computer science, as a field, is in a period of remarkable change and growth. We are in an era in which computing touches all aspects of our lives. We are surrounded by smart, networked devices in the Internet of Things. Automation is revolutionizing transport and manufacturing. Data science is revolutionizing health care. And, social media has a growing influence on global politics. The discipline must also reach out and embrace issues of social justice, accountability, and ethics that arise in human machine interactions.

The Department of Computer Science has and will continue to evolve rapidly to be a thought leader in this emerging landscape. We have hired 6 new faculty in the last two years to  grow to more than 30 tenure-track faculty members. We have established 10 new endowed professorships within the Department. Five of these John C. Malone Professors that have helped establish a the new Malone Center for Engineering in Health Care,

For our graduates, this means great opportunities for jobs. For our faculty and researchers, it means new challenges to address the education and computing needs of our nation and the wider world. The Department of Computer Science at JHU continues to enhance its impressive academic reputation by focusing on high quality research in a concentrated and strategic research areas.

The Department produces a constant stream of news related to scientific discovery, community outreach, and events within and beyond the Hopkins community.  I refer you to our News and Events pages and Distinguished Lecture Series for a snapshot our activity.

And again, welcome, Randal Burns, Professor & Chair


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