Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics: Mesh Processing (600.657)

Course Description

In this course, we will focus on the challenges of processing polygonal meshes. In particular, we will look at different data-structures for representing meshes, we will review some essential topics in differential geometry, and we will consider applications in smoothing, parameterization, remeshing, etc.


The class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30-2:45 in NEB 218.


We will closely follow the presentation in Botsch et al.'s book Polygon Mesh Processing. I will try to make copies of the text available as needed, but students are strongly encouraged to purchase the book.

Syllabus (Slides)

Date Subject Reading Notes
8/30/10 Introduction
9/01/10 Surface Representations Chapter 1 notes
9/06/10 Class Cancelled (Labor Day)
9/08/10 Class Cancelled (Rosh HaShana Eve)
9/13/10 Mesh Data Structures Chapter 2 notes
9/15/10 Streaming Meshes (Bhaskar)
9/20/10 Differential Geometry Chapter 3 notes
9/22/10 notes
9/27/10 Computing Discrete Minimal Surfaces and Their Conjugates (Kalin) notes
9/29/10 Smoothing Chapter 4 notes
10/04/10 Anisotropic Geometric Diffusion in Surface Processing (Ming)
10/06/10 Class Cancelled (Sick Day)
10/12/10 Parameterization Chapter 5 notes
10/13/10 Conformal Flattening by Curvature Prescription and Metric Scaling (Dan)
10/18/10 Presentation of project proposals
10/20/10 Remeshing Chapter 6 notes
10/25/10 notes
10/27/10 Surface Segmentation Using Geodesic Centroidal Tesselation (Eric)
11/01/10 Simplification and Approximation Chapter 7 notes
11/03/10 notes
11/08/10 Structure Recovery via Hybrid Variational Surface Approximation (Kalin)
11/10/10 Model Repair Chapter 8 notes
11/15/10 Fixing Geometric Errors on Polygonal Models: A Survey (Dan)
11/17/10 Deformation Chapter 9
11/22/10 As-Rigid-As-Possible Surface Modeling (Ming)
11/24/10 TBA
11/29/10 Presentation of projects