Seminar on Shape Analysis and Retrieval

This course is motivated by the recent proliferation of 3D models on the world wide web and will focus on methods for designing systems that allow users to retrieve desired models from large repositories of 3D shapes. The course will review a number of existing shape representations designed to assist in the task of whole-object and partial-object retrieval. Some of the subjects discussed in this course will include, signal processing, alignment, compression, spherical parameterization, skeletonization, and shape descriptors

General Breakdown
This course will be broken up into three separate areas. First, we will consider two different methods for representing 3D models that are well suited for the task of model retrieval. Second, we will consider how models can be matched across different alignments - allowing for the development of techniques that can match models across different similarity transformations. Finally, we consider how the whole object matching approaches can be combined with alignment techniques to allow for partial object matching.

Student Responsibilities
Students will be regularly assigned papers to read in the area of shape analysis, and two students each week will present papers to the seminar. Additionally, there will be a final project that students will be expected to submit by the end of the semester (to be done in groups of two). Students will submit a written proposal for the project by the middle of the semester (October 19th) and will present the results of their projects to the class in the final week of the course (December 6th and 7th).

Date Subject Presenter Required Reading Additional Reading Notes
9/07/04 Introduction Kazhdan notes
9/13/04 Whole Object Matching Statistical Shape Descriptors Kazhdan notes
9/14/04 Shape Distributions Kazhdan Osada et al. 2001 Rubner et al. 1998 notes
9/20/04 Extended Gaussian Images Jon Horn 1983 notes addenda
9/21/04 Shape Histograms Pavan Ankerst et al. 1999 notes addenda
9/27/04 Wavelets Matt Jacobs et al. 1995 notes
9/28/04 Spherical Parameterization Chris Gu et al. 2004 notes addenda
10/04/04 Spherical Extent Functions Nat Vranic et al. 2002 notes addenda
10/05/04 Light Field Descriptors Arnab Chen et al. 2003 notes addenda
10/11/04 Fall Break
10/12/04 Structural Shape Descriptors Kazhdan Blum 1964 notes
10/18/04 Shock Graphs Yuan Sebastian et al. 2001 notes
10/19/04 Reeb Graphs Paola Hilaga et al. 2001 notes
Project Proposals Due
10/25/04 Alignment Introduction Kazhdan notes
10/26/04 Point Set Alignment Ashley Horn 1987 notes
11/01/04 ICP Janani Rusinkiewicz et al. 2001 notes
11/02/04 Signal Processing Kazhdan notes
11/08/04 Zahn et al. 1972 notes
11/09/04 notes
11/15/04 Kazhdan et al. 2003 notes
11/16/04 Partial Shape Matching Introduction Kazhdan Funkhouser et al. 2004 notes
11/22/04 Generalized Hough Transform Arnab Ballard 1981 notes addenda
11/23/04 Geometric Hashing Budi Lamdan et al. 1988 notes
11/29/04 Spin Images Janani Johnson et al. 1999 notes
11/30/04 Shape Contexts Nat Frome et al. 2004 notes
12/06/04 Course Project Presentation Matt Nat
12/07/04Arnab Pavan and Janani Jonathan and Krzys