Sublinear Algorithms Workshop
January 7-9, 2016
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

The workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in sublinear algorithms. This includes sublinear-time algorithms (e.g., property testing and distribution testing), sublinear-space algorithms (e.g., sketching and streaming) and sublinear measurements (e.g., sparse recovery and compressive sensing).

The workshop will be held right before SODA'16, which starts on January 10 in Arlington, VA (about 50 miles from JHU). Participation in this workshop is open to all, with free registration.

In addition to invited talks, the program of the workshop will include a session of short contributed talks by graduating Ph.D. students and postdocs and a poster session. The deadline to apply to contribute to these sessions is December 1.

All talks will take place in Hodson Hall, auditorium 110 (on the map ). Poster session will take place in the lobby on the second floor. Break out rooms: 301, 305, and 313 on Thursday; 301, 313, and 315 on Friday and Saturday. Internet access is provided through the open WiFi hotspot "JHGuestnet".