Contributed talks

You may apply to give a contributed talk if you are a graduating Ph.D. student or a postdoc. We expect that talks will be about 10 minutes long, but time allocation will depend on the number of applications we get. To apply, send an email to by December 1 with the subject "Sublinear workshop: poster session". Your email should include:
  1. 1. The title of your talk;
  2. 2. Abstract;
  3. 3. Your name, affiliation, and whether you are a postdoc or a graduating Ph.D.      student (if you are a Ph.D. student, include year in grad school);
  4. 4. A sentence explaining why the topic of your talk is a good fit for the workshop.

Overlap between contributed talk and poster submissions is acceptable. If the titles/abstracts of corresponding submissions are not identical, but related, please explain the relationship in your abstracts.