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The ones marked with * are the ones that I liked. Metas are unlikely to be solvable without the rest of the puzzles.




Chromesthesia* Solution 2016, with Victor Hu. Click Me[.tar] if link fails.
NotLikeThis* Solution 2016
Rearrangingly Become Solution 2016
Playbill Solution 2016, a meta, with Chris Jones and Esther Wang
Thank Our Donors Solution 2016, a runaround
The Rarest Cards* Solution 2015
Seaports Solution 2015, (also known as Airbourne)
Dicey Views Solution 2015, (also known as Gambler's Fallacy)
Modern Travel Solution 2015, (alslo known as Not In Pittsburgh)
The Tower* Solution 2015, a meta, with PuzzlehuntCMU
We've been here before... Solution 2015, not used in hunt
Museum of Wikipedia* Solution 2015
Links Solution 2015
Pop Quiz Solution 2015
Activating the Engine Solution 2015, meta. There are too many pieces to upload.
Streaming Solution 2014, not used in hunt
Microscopic Monsters* Solution 2014, mechanic based on an older puzzle
DDG Solution 2014, mechanic based on an older puzzle
Seems Secure* Solution 2014, a meta inspired by The Master Theorem
Cake or Death! Solution 2013
X marks the...! Solution 2013, a meta
A Melange of Langues Solution 2013, not used in hunt
Figuratively Worse Solution 2013, not used in hunt