Diversity and Inclusion in Computer Science and Engineering

This seminar will survey a broad spectrum of papers focused on issues of diversity and inclusion within the context of computer science, engineering, and higher education in general. Each week one paper will be assigned for reading and discussion. Meetings will consist of discussion of the papers. The goal of the seminar is to provide an opportunity for students (and the professor) to explore current research on the subject of D&I in an informal environment.

Assigned Reading
07/16/21 @ 11:00Cheryan et al. (2015)
06/25/21Sax et al. (2018)
06/11/21Mir and Sarroub (2019)
05/28/21Highhouse (2008)

Seminar Papers

The following list includes a number of candidate papers for discussion in the seminar. (The crossed out ones have already been covered in the seminar.) This list is a compilation of recommendations from researchers in the area of diversity and inclusion from different universities.


Other Resources/Lists

In addition, there are a number of existing lists compiled online. Feel free to pick from those.