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J O A N N E   (HOULAHAN)   S E L I N S K I   PhD

Associate Teaching Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
Malone 225
joanne -at- cs.jhu.edu

Office Hours

Fall semester walk-in hours (no appointment needed) are listed below, subject to change over the first few weeks of the semester as regular meetings get scheduled. Please note that occasionally walk-in hours may be pre-empted by a meeting. Hours are in Malone 225. If I am with another student when you arrive, please wait for your turn quietly in the hallway. If you can't make regular hours and need an appointment, please email me.
Regular office hours will end on Wednesday 12/13 (shifted 10-11). Meetings will be by appointment only from that point forward.

Office Hours10:30-11:302:00-3:309:30-10:30 varies - see weekly note abovevaries - see weekly note above
(Usually) Not Available1:00-4:3010:30-1:00 1:00-4:30(may be off campus)(may be off campus)

CS Department Student Info

Please visit the links above and to the left for information regarding academics, courses and activities in the department. Feel free to drop by with questions or to simply chat about anything going on.


Current Courses:

Here are a few pages to help with learning common software development tools for use in our courses:

Former courses:

Undergraduate Ethics Policies

Academic Interests

Please note that I do not advise or supervise graduate students in any way.

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  • Software Engineering
  • Graph Theory & Algorithms


  • 1996: Ph.D. in Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
    • Dissertation: "Sandwich Networks for Conferencing"
  • 1986: M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
  • 1984: B.S. in Mathematics, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA