Why CS?

emily johnson

One of the reasons I chose Computer Science specifically at JHU is because I found Joanne Selinski’s video on the department’s website. I like the department because I am free to choose whichever upper level classes I want to take while still getting the background I need to be a good Computer Scientist.  – Emily Johnson ’17


yair-flickerWhat I liked about the CS program was the emphasis on theory and on group projects. I see all the bootcamps nowadays that promise to teach you to learn Ruby on Rails or Javascript or Web Development or whatever in a few months, but JHU CS gave me a firm and solid footing in the theory of computer science, and how computers (CPU’s), cryptographic algorithms, neural networks, and the underlying protocols of the Internet actually work. As a result of my education at Hopkins, I can legitimately say I understand how 0’s and 1’s get converted into all the marvelous things we see today. And I think I have an understanding of how to build ever more complicated systems — whether that be computer systems, systems of bureaucracy, or any other system developed by humans. It’s a great foundation for anything I may want to do in the future. – Yair Flicker ’06


I took a CS class my senior year of high school and absolutely fell in love with the subject. I was going to come to Hopkins as a math major, but after taking another CS course first semester of freshman year, I decided that this is the area that is perfect for the way my mind works; it is extremely interesting and engaging for me. One of the things that I love about the program is its size. CS is not a very big major at Hopkins, which gives me an opportunity to really feel part of the community — I know many of my peers that are also studying CS. I know I can always find someone to ask for advice or help. – Sofya Freyman ’18

Mihai PopAt the time, the department was fairly small and that forced me/enabled me to interact with faculty and students who had completely different research interests than mine. This allowed me to develop a broader outlook on the field of computer science, opening up opportunities for interesting research at the boundary between sub-fields. – Mihai Pop ’00


Noah PreslerThe Johns Hopkins University Computer Science Department has played a pivotal role in shaping my future. As a student of the department, I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest in the field, I have had the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research, and I have also been provided with the resources, mentorship, and funding to pursue my own technology-based entrepreneurial ventures. My multi-disciplinary education as a computer science major has provided numerous opportunities for jobs/internships and has prepared me extremely well for my career ahead.  – Noah Presler ’17

corbinLike a lot of students, I switched to CS from a different major after freshman year. The department’s curriculum and advisers were really flexible to accommodate this new change; after a few introductory classes, you can take virtually any upper level class if you feel up to it. Secondly, a lot of the strength in our department comes from students like me who have a variety of interests in other fields, for these students will go on to impact interdisciplinary fields like computational biology, healthcare, robotics, and machine learning. – Corbin Rosset, Senior ’17

What drewPaul Thienphrapa me to the Department were interdisciplinary programs in biomedical robotics and computer integrated surgery, which provided the opportunity to pursue my interests while learning new capabilities.  Faculty, clinicians, students, and industry collaborators hail from a variety of domains, each demonstrating their expertise and perspectives in shaping the future of medical practice. As students we are empowered to extend our envisioned research into directions we might not have dreamed of in isolation. – Paul Thienphrapa ’14

Max YeoThe CS department has given me amazing opportunities to learn from the best professors and work with students with exceptional skills.  As a CS major at Hopkins, there are countless ways to apply the technical knowledge learned to other fields, most notably in medicine.  I also love JHU’s commitment to student entrepreneurship by providing mentors and funding to student grown initiatives.  We also have the coolest building on campus.” Max Yeo ’17