Operating Systems (600.418, 600.318)

Dr. Yair Amir

Theo Schlossnagle

Course description for Fall 2000:

Operating Systems

This course covers the fundamental topics related to operating systems theory
and practice. Topics include processor management, storage management, 
concurrency control, multi-programming and processing, device drivers, 
operating system components (e.g., file system, kernel), modeling 
and performance measurement, and an introduction to distributed operating 
systems. Course work includes the implementation of operating systems 
components and techniques as part of a full-featured open-source operating 
system (Linux).

        Computer Systems Fundamentals( 600.333 ) 
	and Data Structures ( 600.226 )

Lectures of the Operating Systems course (Fall 2000):

Introduction, (also available as PostScript)

Process Control & Scheduling, (also available as PostScript)

Process Synchronization, (also available as PostScript).

Deadlocks, (also available as PostScript).

Memory Management, (also available as PostScript).

Virtual Memory, (also available as PostScript).

The File System, (also available as PostScript).

File System (cont.) and Disk Management, (also available as PostScript).

Protection and Security, (also available as PostScript).

Distributed Operating Systems, (also available as PostScript).