Operating Systems 600.418 Distributed Operating Systems


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Operating Systems 600.418 Distributed Operating Systems

Distributed Operating Systems

Final Exam Thursday, October 30, 10am - 12pm and 11am - 1pm MD 214

A Distributed Operating System

Hardware Architectures

Software Architectures

Design Issues

Design Issues (cont.)

Micro Kernel

Distributed File Systems

File and Directory Naming

File Sharing Semantics

Remote Caching

Cache Update Policy


Stateful File Service

Stateless File Server

Stateful & Stateless Comparison

Stateful & Stateless Comparison (cont.)

File Replication


Sun-NFS (cont.)

Sun-NFS Structure

Andrew File System

Andrew File System (cont)

AFS Structure

AFS File Validation

The Coda File System

Remote Procedure Call

Remote Procedure Call (cont.)

Process Migration

A Mosix Cluster

An Architecture for Migration

PPT Slide

Mosix: File Access

Mosix: File Access

Mosix: DFSA/MFS Performance

Network RAM

Management Capabilities in Distributed Operating Systems

Other Considerations for Migration

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Operating Systems (600.418), Lecture 10: Distributed Operating Systems