Winston Wu

Hackerman 226
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

wswu at jhu dot edu


Hi! I am a Ph.D. student in JHU's Department of Computer Science and Center for Language and Speech Processing. I work with my advisor David Yarowsky on NLP across hundreds of languages, with a focus on low-resource languages.

I received a B.S. in computer science and B.A. in Latin from UT Austin, where I worked with my advisor Katrin Erk on computational semantics.


Instructor for EN 500.111 (17) - Multilingual Natural Language Processing (Fall 2019)

Teaching Assistant for EN 601.466/666 - Information Retrieval and Web Agents (Spring 2018 and 2019) calendar



Modeling Color Terminology Across Thousands of Languages. Arya McCarthy, Winston Wu, Aaron Mueller, Bill Watson, David Yarowsky. EMNLP.

An Exploration of Placeholding in Neural Machine Translation. Matt Post, Shuoyang Ding, Marianna Martindale and Winston Wu. Machine Translation Summit

Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Identifies Activation of TP53 and STAT1 Pathways in Human T Lymphocyte Subpopulations in Response to Ex Vivo Radiation Exposure. Maria Moreno-Villanueva, Ye Zhang, Alan Feiveson, Brandon Mistretta, Yinghong Pan, Sujash Chatterjee, Winston Wu, Ryan Clanton, Mayra Nelman-Gonzalez, Stephanie Krieger, Preethi Gunaratne P12, Brian Crucian, Honglu Wu. Int J Mol Sci.


Modeling Diverse Word Compounding Processes Across Languages. Winston Wu and David Yarowsky. LREC. paper poster code

A Comparative Study of Extremely Low-Resource Transliteration of the World's Languages. Winston Wu and David Yarowsky. LREC. paper slides code

Creating a Translation Matrix of the Bible's Names Across 591 Languages. Winston Wu, Nidhi Vyas, and David Yarowsky. LREC. paper slides code

Creating Large-Scale Cognate Tables. Winston Wu and David Yarowsky. LREC. paper slides code


I am also an avid musician. I was one of the winners of the Hopkins Symphony Concerto Competition in 2016, I am the founder and president of the JHU Piano Club, and I also play the erhu in the Hopkins Oriental Music Ensemble.