I test and build dependable
Machine Learning systems
for Safety Critical Tasks.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks are being integrated into safety critical tasks like automated driving and autonomous robot control. I research how to test these black box systems so you can predict harmful failures before they occur.
Check out my paper accepted to the AAAI 2020 Engingeering Dependable and Secure Machine Learning Systems workshop here!

Language of Surgery

Our team is searching to find the strucutre in rich and diverse surigical data. We are trying to answer questions like What makes an expert surgeon different from a novice? How does surgical motion relate to the anatomical context? Our team published a paper on OR skill assessment in cataract surgery in IPCAI 2019! You can watch to my presentation here.

More Info

For more information, check out my CV,
Google Scholar, and Github Repo.
You can email me at
molly (at) jhu (dot) edu.