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Jason Eisner

ACL Fellow

Jason Eisner Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street, Hackerman 226
Baltimore, MD 21218-2680   U.S.A.

Facebook: @jeisner
Twitter: @adveisner
Scholar: citations
G+: profile page
Office: Hackerman 324C
Phone: (410) 516-8438 (dial 516-THETA)
Skype: jasoneisner (email me to set up a time)
Fax: (410) 516-6134

Department of Computer Science   (my primary appointment)
Center for Language and Speech Processing   (my major multi-departmental center at JHU)
Machine Learning Group   (large community of ML researchers at JHU)
Department of Cognitive Science   (my joint appointment)

My Work

What I Work On

All kinds of novel methods for natural language processing:
New machine learning, creative uses and modifications of large language models, combinatorial algorithms, probabilistic models of linguistic structure, and declarative specification of knowledge and algorithms.

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Undergraduates are often curious about their teachers' secret lives. In the name of encouraging curiosity-driven research, here are a few photos:

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If I had a geek code, it would be GCS/O/M/MU d-(+) s:- a+ C++$ ULS+(++) L++ P++ E++>+++ W++ N++ o+ K++ w@ !O V- PS++ PE- Y+ PGP b++>+++ !tv G e++++ h- r+++ y+++, but I disapprove of the feeping creaturism of these things.