Argo Lab

Argo is the group of research students working with Prof. Jason Eisner at any given time. For more about our collective work and research agenda, click around on Jason's publications page and homepage.

The original Argo was a ship in Greek mythology, captained by a different Jason. The name is also a homonym for "argot", a substring of "jargon", and a homograph for PropBank's agent tag "Arg0".

As shipmates, we meet regularly, try to look out for one another's interests, and keep the boat moving along rapidly. Visit our homepages to learn more about us. Photos coming ...

Crew of current Ph.D. advisees

Other current Argonauts (student collaborators)

Argo alumni: Past JHU student co-authors

(Roughly reverse chronological. Boldface indicates that Jason was dissertation advisor (or co-advisor) or postdoc supervisor.)
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