Nathaniel Wesley Filardo

Just me
CSEB 322
Center for Language and Speech Processing
Computer Science Department
Whiting School of Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Who Am I?

I've been a grad student in CLSP since the fall of 2007 (how time flies). I did my undergraduate work at Carnegie Mellon University, getting a degree in Physics and another in Computer Science.

I'm a graduate fellow of the Human Language Technology Center Of Excellence (HLTCOE), who generously provide my research funding.

I'm a bit more verbose about myself at my home website; and a full listing of my publications may be found here.


My advisor is Jason Eisner and I am working on the Dyna programming language. Together with wren ng thornton, I'm working on an interactive interpreter for our current thoughts on Dyna 2.

You may be interested in our book chapter in Datalog 2.0 which shows, by example, how we envision Dyna being useful in the statistical AI community.

Side projects?

I have perhaps more than too many of them. If you're curious about what I have written up, have a look at my notes.


The HLTCOE very generously has agreed that I can teach a full class here at Johns Hopkins University, namely Advanced Operating Systems. This is a port of Carnegie Mellon's Operating Systems Design and Implementation class to JHU. This was a once-off, special event which happened in Fall 2008.

In the past (namely, in S06, F06, and S07), I have TAed for Operating Systems Design and Implementation at Carnegie Mellon University. It is projected that I will be tangentially associated (guest lecture and possibly grading kernels) on a somewhat continuing basis.

PKI Tokens?

You can secure your communications with me by using the following OpenPGP key: F6F6 4BAA 2D71 8DA4 8E11 93D2 4DE4 1A6E FAFD 4DCF. However, for somewhat complicated reasons, I'd ask that you not sign or trust this key directly, but rather please use 9CCF 5A60 DC7D E894 AA68 7889 F34F EF06 143E 7EBE, for all of your nwf trust needs.

Places in Baltimore

I'm a big fan of Baltimore NODE and suggest you check it out.


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