CSC 400: Problem Seminar (Fall 2000)


Basic Info



WedSep. 6 What this course is about
How to survive grad school
How to set up your account and organize your life
Assignment 1 given (one week)
Where to get help
FriSep. 8 Today we'll meet at the 2nd-floor entrance to Carlson library (right in our building's lobby), and proceed to the 3rd-floor conference room.

Computer Science and the UR Library System - Diane Cass & Sarada George
Tour of CS resources in Carlson Library

MonSep. 11No colloquium - class canceled
WedSep. 13 Assignment 1 due - discussion
Assignment 2 given (two weeks)
FriSep. 15Dana Ballard
MonSep. 18 No colloquium - class meets instead
How to give talks
WedSep. 20Len Schubert
FriSep. 22Chen Ding
MonSep. 25Department Colloquium
WedSep. 27 Assignment 2 due - discussion
FriSep. 29 Assignment 3 given (two weeks)
MonOct. 2 Department Colloquium
WedOct. 4 Michael Scott
FriOct. 6 Amy Murphy
MonOct. 9 fall break - probably no colloquium
WedOct. 11Jason Eisner
FriOct. 13 Assignment 3 due - discussion
Project requirements and suggestions given out
MonOct. 16Department Colloquium
WedOct. 18 Assignment 4 given (three weeks)
FriOct. 20Mitsu Ogihara
MonOct. 23Department Colloquium
WedOct. 25Sandhya Dwarkadas
FriOct. 27Kyros Kutulakos
Project proposals due
MonOct. 30Department Colloquium
WedNov. 1 Lane Hemaspaandra
FriNov. 3 James Allen
MonNov. 6 Department Colloquium
WedNov. 8 Assignment 4 due - discussion
FriNov. 10Randal Nelson
MonNov. 13Department Colloquium
WedNov. 15Joel Seiferas
FriNov. 17Chris Brown
MonNov. 20Department Colloquium
WedNov. 22Thanksgiving break
FriNov. 24Thanksgiving break
MonNov. 27Department Colloquium
WedNov. 29faculty talk or speaking/writing workshop
FriDec. 1 Student Presentations
MonDec. 4 Department Colloquium
WedDec. 6 Student Presentations
FriDec. 8 Student Presentations
MonDec. 11Department Colloquium
WedDec. 13Student Presentations
WedDec. 20 Writeup of Term Project Due (no class)

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