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GLOD represents an extremely lightweight approach to Geometric Level of Detail toolkits. You will find that GLOD is not another scene graph library. Instead, GLOD is designed to closely mesh with the standard OpenGL programming model in such a way that using GLOD should be just like using standard OpenGL vertex arrays.
The GLOD system architecture
NEW RELEASE: 12/7/2005
GLOD, though still a work in progress, aims to meet the following high standards:
  • OpenGL-style calling conventions
  • Robust geometry simplification system
  • Fast discrete and view-dependent rendering
  • Incremental usability: use just the parts of GLOD that you need
More details on the GLOD feature set...

  • API Reference: [ HTML ]
  • System Overview: [ pdf ]
  • Releases: Version 1.0pre4: [ Download ]  

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