Breaking News

  • Invited as reviewer for OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theaters, workshop of MICCAI 2019 !

  • Jul.8 2019

  • Paper accepted to MICCAI 2019 !

  • Title: "Learning to Avoid Poor Images: Towards Task-aware C-arm Cone-beam CT Trajectories"

    Jun.5 2019

  • Paper accepted to IJCARS Invited Special Issue!

  • Title: "Enabling Machine Learning in X-ray-based Procedures via Realistic Simulation of Image Formation."

    Jun.4 2019

I am attending IPCAI 2019 to present the work: "Localizing dexterous surgical tools in X-ray for image-based navigation"

Click here for paper, slide, and poster.

May. 2019