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Research Projects

Projective Spatial Transformers & Registration

- MICCAI2020
- Oral Video
- Github

Brief Intro: We propose a novel Projective Spatial Transformer module that generalizes spatial transformers to projective geometry, thus enabling differentiable volume rendering. We demonstrate the usefulness of this architecture on the example of 2D/3D registration between radiographs and CT scans. Specifically, we show that our transformer enables end-to-end learning of an image processing and projection model that approximates an image similarity function that is convex with respect to the pose parameters, and can thus be optimized effectively using conventional gradient descent.

Robot-Assisted Femoroplasty

- TMRB paper
- SPIE2020 paper
- Oral slide
- Recorded oral presentation

Brief Intro: Femroplasty is a proposed therapeutic method for preventing osteoporotic hip fractures in elderly. Patient-specific femoroplasty requires accurate 3D pose estimation of the proximal femur and injection device positioning. We proposed a fiducial-free 2D/3D registration method for robot-assisted femoroplasty system navigation.

Dexterous Surgical Manipulator Segmentation and Localization

- IPCAI 2019 paper
- Oral slide
- Recorded oral presentation

Brief Intro: Continuum dexterous manipulators (CDMs), commonly referred to as snake-like robots, have demonstrated great premise for minimmally-invasive procedures. One key challenge of using CDMs is performing precise intra-operative control guided by a pre-operative patient-specific plan. We presented a method that leverages semantic information of the fluoroscopy imaged object to initialize 2D/3D registration within the capture range of image-based registration by performing concurrent segmentation and localization of the CDM in X-ray images.

Surgical Force Prediction

- MICCAI 2018 CARE workshop paper - Best Paper Award! (second place)
- Oral slide
- Github

Brief Intro: Robotic surgery has been proven to offer clear advantages during surgical procedures, however, one of the major limitations is obtaining haptic feedback. Since it is often challenging to devise a hardware solution with accurate force feedback, we propose the use of “visual cues” to infer forces from tissue deformation. We employ deep learning to infer forces from video as an attractive low-cost and accurate alternative to typically complex and expensive hardware solutions with RGB-Point Cloud Temporoal Convolutional Networks.



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    [arxiv preprint]
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