Baruch Awerbuch's home page

Baruch Awerbuch

Professor of Computer Science

Office: NEB 318

410 516 8038

e-mail: is my first name: (namely, ba... etc) at the dept. address (cs dot jhu dot edu)

Education and Short Bio

Research projects

Engineering & Systems

 Wireless networking research

Research issues in wireless networks

 Center for Networks and Distributed Systems

Coordination and synchronization in distributed systems.

Internet and System algorithms:

 Collaborative filtering & Learning Research

AI inspired Algorithmic tools, often for designing distributed systems  and network           

 Peer-to-Peer Systems Research

  Security and efficiency issues in P2P system

 Cooperative optimization Research

Cooperative optimization in networks and electronic commerce

Distributed Computing:

 Self-stabilization, load balancing and other local approaches to network problems

Distributed Network Algorithms Research

Economics & Game Theory:

Auctions, incentives and mechanism design, selfish behavior and Nash equilibria

 Games and Multi-Agent Optimization Research

Algorithmic Theory:

Classical combinatorial algorithms in networks and graph theory, especially in online setting

 Online & approximations algorithms Research


Recent publications

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