Peer-to-Peer Systems



     P2P Security

      Can pure P2P system withstand Byzantine intervention ? The answer is yes. See following papers.

       DISC 2007:  A Denial-of-Service Resistant DHT, with C. Scheideler

        IPTPS 2007:  "Towards Scalable and Robust Overlay Networks", with C. Scheideler

       SPAA 2006: re-randomization of P2P network and defenses against denial of service

       OPODIS 2006: secure random number generation to protect P2P network ID's

       ICALP 2004: scalable proactive solution

       IPTPS 2004: dealing with Byzantine adversaries



      How we can augment existing P2P functionality ? See following papers.

       2003 ACM PODC : prefix search and modular P2P design

       2004 ACM SPAA: Range queries and load balancing

       2004 ACM SODA: Hyper-ring data structure

       2003 IPTPS: Balanced P2P networks under worst case

Also, See  publication list and DBLP list


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