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Tips for Making Figures

04 May 2022

Figure-making tips all researchers wish they knew!
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Training Deep Learning Models on AWS

04 May 2022

This guide teaches you how to request a large Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance, transfer data, track budget, monitor training.
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Training Deep Learning Models on AWS Pt. 1 - Expense Tracking

04 May 2022

Joke image about being poor due to leaving an EC2 instance running
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What to Save from an Experiment

30 August 2021


(I jest, but really)
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Tips for Debugging PyTorch Errors

24 August 2021

Debugging PyTorch errors can be very difficult, mostly due to poor error messages. Here I share some of the strategies I use to get a more informative error message or (hopefully) fix the issue.
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Conference Bingo

13 August 2021

Just a little game calling out conference tropes. Can also be a drinking game.
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Pebble Terminal Watchface Part 2

14 January 2017

This post is a continuation of a project discussed in Pebble Terminal Watchface Part 1
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Pebble Terminal Watchface

30 March 2016

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Pebble is best described as a budget smartwatch for the nerds. I wanted to develop a simple watchface for Pebble in order to improve my C skills. Also, Pebble is very cool.
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