I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) working with Professor Mark Dredze. My research interests lie in modeling social media data for natural language processing machine learning tasks, primarily text generation, classification, and information extraction.

Keywords: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Social Media, Large Language Models, Text Generation, Controllable Generation, Information Extraction

My previous position was as a post-baccalaureate researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory under Lissa Moore on the Ultrascale Research Center / High Performance Computing Design team. My work focused on applying machine learning techniques to monitor high performance computers.

I am a Computer Science and Math graduate from Rollins College '18.
Data Science Superpower: Python Wrangler

Other Interests

Besides computer science, I also love photography. Some of my work is on my photo blog and I am a co-leader of a competitive GuruShots team. I also like traveling, hiking, reading (follow me on Goodreads), and binge-watching TV shows.

Contact Information

All my info is on my contact page. Best method is email. Or following me on Twitter.