601.107 Intro Programming in Java [Selinski]
Fall 2017


Getting Started

Welcome to the website for intro programming in Java.

  • Sign-up (purchase) a subscription to the custom, interactive text we will be using:
    1. Sign up at learn.zybooks.com using your JHED login-based email (such as jsmit34@jhu.edu, not an alias)
    2. Enter zyBook code: JHUEN601107SelinskiFall2017
    3. Subscribe
  • Sign-up for our (free) on-line Q&A discussion forum on Piazza as soon as possible! Please use your actual full name and JHED login-based email when signing up so we know who you are. Most resources (lecture notes, exercises, assignments), announcements and course updates will be posted there only.
  • Download and install the (free) Java SDK and jGRASP as soon as possible. See the Software Downloads section below for links and instructions. You will likely want to use them on your laptops frequently during class sessions.

Resources for Practice & Review

  • REQUIRED Java SDK downloads: choose the most recent version of the Java JDK. You don't need NetBeans or JSEE for this course. Install this before you install jGRASP.
  • REQUIRED jGRASP website -- install the Java compiler first (see above).
  • REQUIRED Checkstyle downloads: tool, configuration file, and documentation: website, JHU notes
  • OPTIONAL JUnit download (JGrasp configuration is similar to that for checkstyle), and notes if you're interested in learning more.