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About me

  • I am an Assistant Professor (UD 2) at VU Amsterdam in the Theoretical Computer Science group. I also have a partial affiliation with CWI Network and Optimization group . I was a postdoctoral researcher at University of Salzburg in Austria working with Sebastian Forster. I completed my PhD at Johns Hopkins University, where I was advised by Mike Dinitz, and my masters at University of Calgary in Canada. You can access my current CV here (last update: Feb 2024).

Research Interests

    I am broadly interested in algorithms and theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on graph algorithms in various computational settings (dynamic, distributed, etc). I look at graph theoretical structures that can be used to improve running time or memory of solving fundamental computational tasks. I am also interested in approximation and online algorithms, and the interplay of these topics.



  • Instructor, Fall 2022 (University of Salzburg): Combinatorial Optimization (Course Website)

Academic Service

  • Organizer of AlgPie (Algorithms postdocs in Europe) 2022 workshop
  • Program Committee: STOC 2024, SOSA 2024, ESA 2023, SIROCCO 2023
  • External reviewer: STOC 2023, ICALP 2023, SODA 2023, STOC 2022, ESA 2022, SPAA 2022, SIROCCO 2022, DISC 2021, SPAA 2021, STOC 2021, SODA 2021, SODA 2020, SPAA 2019, APPROX 2019, OPODIS 2018