Informatics and Radiomics Integration system (IRIS)

We have developed an informatics model that integrates all kinds of clinical parameters (radiological parameters, morphological parameters, protein expression data, phenotypes, etc) and patient information (age, sex, etc) to build a diagnosis or a prognosis model. The high dimensionality of the dataset formed by the informatics parameters as well as the complex correlations within the data presents significant challenges for statistical data analysis. These sophisticated high dimensional problems can be solved using nonlinear dimensionality reduction (NLDR). We developed a new method for integration of informatics parameters into a decision support heatmap representation using nonlinear dimensionality reduction and hierarchical clustering algorithms.

Patent Disclosure

  • M. A. Jacobs, V. S. Parekh. “Informatics Radiomics Integration System (IRIS): A novel combined informatics and radiomics method
    for integration of many types of data for classification into different groups for improved visualization.” (PCT: filed; D13528, 2015)


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Media Coverage and awards

  • IRIS was selected for oral power pitch presentation, ISMRM 2017 (Top 3%)
  • IRIS was covered on in road to RSNA, 2015.