SPAA '15- Proceedings of the 27th ACM on Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures

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SESSION: Session 1: Sorting

Sorting with Asymmetric Read and Write Costs

Practical Massively Parallel Sorting

A Top-Down Parallel Semisort

SESSION: Session 2: Caching

Matrix Multiplication I/O-Complexity by Path Routing

Online Caching with Convex Costs: Extended Abstract

SESSION: Keynote Address 1

Myths and Misconceptions about Threads

SESSION: Session 3: Brief Announcements

Brief Announcement: New Streaming Algorithms for Parameterized Maximal Matching & Beyond

Brief Announcement: Local Computation Algorithms for Graphs of Non-Constant Degrees

Brief Announcement: Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Computing k Disjoint Restricted Shortest Paths

Brief Announcement: Fast and Better Distributed MapReduce Algorithms for k-Center Clustering

Brief Announcement: Fair Adaptive Parallelism for Concurrent Transactional Memory Applications

Brief Announcement: Managing Resource Limitation of Best-Effort HTM

Brief Announcement: On Scheduling Best-Effort HTM Transactions

Brief Announcement: Towards a Universal Approach for the Finite Departure Problem in Overlay Networks

Brief Announcement: MultiQueues: Simple Relaxed Concurrent Priority Queues

Brief Announcement: A Compiler-Runtime Application Binary Interface for Pipe-While Loops

Brief Announcement: Hypergraph Partitioning for Parallel Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication

SESSION: Session 4: Tools

The Cilkprof Scalability Profiler

Race Detection in Two Dimensions

Efficiently Detecting Races in Cilk Programs That Use Reducer Hyperobjects

ThreadScan: Automatic and Scalable Memory Reclamation

SESSION: Session 5: Scheduling

Speed Scaling in the Non-clairvoyant Model

Cost-Oblivious Reallocation for Scheduling and Planning

Temporal Fairness of Round Robin: Competitive Analysis for Lk-norms of Flow Time

Scheduling Non-Unit Jobs to Minimize Calibrations

Scheduling in Bandwidth Constrained Tree Networks

SESSION: Keynote Address 2

The Revolution in Graph Theoretic Optimization Problems

SESSION: Session 6: Graph Algorithms

Space and Time Efficient Parallel Graph Decomposition, Clustering, and Diameter Approximation

Improved Parallel Algorithms for Spanners and Hopsets

Access to Data and Number of Iterations: Dual Primal Algorithms for Maximum Matching under Resource Constraints

Branch-Avoiding Graph Algorithms

SESSION: Session 7: Transactional Memory and Concurrent Datastructures

Seer: Probabilistic Scheduling for Hardware Transactional Memory

Conflict Reduction in Hardware Transactions Using Advisory Locks

Transactional Acceleration of Concurrent Data Structures

Efficient Memory Management for Lock-Free Data Structures with Optimistic Access

SESSION: Session 8: Networks, Routing, and Communication

Fault Tolerant BFS Structures: A Reinforcement-Backup Tradeoff

Distributed Backup Placement in Networks

Better Deterministic Online Packet Routing on Grids

Minimizing the Total Weighted Completion Time of Coflows in Datacenter Networks

Electing a Leader in Wireless Networks Quickly Despite Jamming

SESSION: Session 9: Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

Communication-Efficient Computation on Distributed Noisy Datasets

Parallel Computation of Persistent Homology using the Blowup Complex

Self-Stabilizing Repeated Balls-into-Bins

Randomized Local Network Computing