SPAA 2008 Call for Papers

Special Track on

Hardware and Software Techniques to Improve the Programmability of Multicore Machines

Chair of Special Track: Jim Larus (Microsoft Research)

The computer industry is undergoing a vigorous shaking-up. The major chip manufacturers have for all practical purposes given up trying to make processors run faster. Instead, manufacturers are turning to "Multicore" architectures, in which multiple processors are placed on the same chip, communicating via hardware channels and shared memory.

The spread of this architecture will change how we develop software. Advances in technology will increase parallelism, not clock speed, and exploiting such parallelism is one of the outstanding challenges of computer science in general and the SPAA community in particular.

This special track will be devoted to papers proposing new technologies, to be implemented in hardware or software or both, directed at making Multicore machines and Multicore programming more effective.

Papers with ideas, even without fully baked empirical results, will be considered. Topics include but are not limited to:

Christian Scheideler
Last modified: Nov 2, 2007