Installation endowment

A program's installation endowment is the set of files, directories and other objects that it needs and should have access to regardless of the parameters you give to the program. It consists of libraries, configuration files, other executables -- and for interpreted programs, source files. These are files that are in a sense "part of" the program.

On Unix, Plash can't tell exactly what the installation endowment of a program is or should be. Unix does not have this information, because programs are usually given access to everything the user can access.

So, Plash has a default installation endowment. It grants read-only access to the directories /bin, /lib, /usr and /etc, and also read-write access to the device files /dev/null and /dev/tty.

The default installation endowment is not configurable yet. However, you can change it on a per-program basis by using executable objects.