plash-opts, plash-opts-gtk — Set options in the Plash shell


From the Plash shell:

plash-opts /x=options [option-name value]
plash-opts-gtk /x=options


The Plash shell has a few options you can set. There is an object bound to the variable "options" for setting the options. These programs will invoke that object.

plash-opts-gtk opens a window using Gtk for setting the options. plash-opts works just via the command line.


enable_x11 on/off

When this is on, the shell will automatically grant programs access to the X11 Window System. Enabling it is equivalent to adding the argument list "+ ~/.Xauthority => /tmp/.X11-unix" every command invocation.

This option is switched off by default because X11 is not secure! X servers provide no isolation between the clients connected to them. One client can read keyboard input that goes to other clients, grab the screen's contents, and feed events to other clients, including keypress events. So potentially, an X client can gain the full authority of the user.

log_summary on/off

log_messages on/off

log_into_xterm on/off

print_fs_tree on/off

When this is enabled, the shell prints the contents of the file namespace of each process that it starts. This is a tree showing pathnames at which objects and slots have been attached.


plash-opts /x=options 'enable_x11' 'on'

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