600.371/471: Modern Complexity Theory

Spring Term 2003

Christian Scheideler

Course Structure

Lectures: MTW 1, Shaffer 300

Office Hours


Topics covered will be polynomial complexity classes and beyond, complexity of logic and arithmetics, cryptography and complexity, interactive proof systems and probabilistically checkable proofs, non-approximability, and new directions including Quantum computing and complexity of evolutionary systems. [Analysis]




Assignments will be posted here every Wednesday, and their solutions have to be submitted till the following Wednesday, 1 pm. At most two people are allowed to work together on an assignment, but there has to be a separate submission for each person. Please indicate on your submission with whom you collaborated to solve the assignment (if any). Also, please write your name and the course (371 or 471) for which you registered clearly on your submission. If you have questions about what is allowed and what not, please read the ethics code of the department or the guide to Academic Ethics for Undergraduates.

Christian Scheideler
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