601.355: Video Game Design Project

If you have previous experience with video games and how they are made, and if you fulfill the prerequisites (or can convince yours truly that you’re awesome anyway), then you are in the right place. You’ll spend a tough semester developing a publishable game in a relatively big team with people from various backgrounds. What could be more fun? Let the games begin!


Catalog Description: An intensive capstone design project experience in video game development. Students will work in groups of 4-8 on developing a complete video game of publishable quality. Teams will (hopefully) include programmers, visual artists, composers, and writers. Aside from the game itself, software engineering, project management, and communication skills will be emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): 601.255: Introduction to Video Game Design or permission of instructor. Junior or senior standing recommended.

Policies: Please read the general course policies and take them to heart. Note that the Late Day policy does not apply for this course! Additional policies specific to this course may be posted at a later date.



Notes: You must submit the game as well as your slides for the presentation the day before the presentation by 10:00 pm. Please check http://piazza.com/jhu/spring2018/601355 for additional information.


Notes: Each checkpoint consists of a 70% team grade for the game and a 30% individual grade for the presentation. Please check http://piazza.com/jhu/spring2018/601355 for additional information.



This is not a schedule. It’s a “log” of what we did, roughly, during each class meeting. Don’t expect it to turn into a schedule, it won’t. Also there will eventually be gaps, sorry.