Additional Policies for 601.220

These policies are in effect in addition to the general course policies. Please read them carefully.


Quizzes are short written exams. All the usual rules for midterm or final exams apply. Quizzes take somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are designed for practice instead of evaluation. They are not formally graded. For homework assignments, you can collaborate freely with other students, no restrictions. You don’t even have to cite your sources. You skip homework at your own risk as the material covered there may show up on programming projects or exams later.

Programming Projects

Programming projects are designed for evaluation instead of practice. They are graded in detail. For programming projects, you need to stick closely to the collaboration policy of the project. If it’s individual, you cannot work on the project with anyone else and all sources must be cited. If it’s a team project, you can collaborate freely inside the team but not outside the team; all outside sources must be cited.