Assignment 13: Polish one last time!

  • Out on: November 27, 2017
  • Due by: December 8, 2017 before 10:00 pm
  • Collaboration: Team


There's really nothing left to say. Do whatever you want! Personally I'd recommend focusing on polish, polish, and more polish, but it's really up to you. Note that there's not even a formal requirement to "make progress" anymore; it's probably still a good idea of course...

Maybe it helps to remember that your final goal for the course is to have a complete and polished game that you can show off to a potential employer without having to make excuses. Or, strictly from a consumer perspective: Producing a complete game that you would be willing to pay $0.99 for in the "app store" of your choice.

Please remember that as outlined in Assignment 6, you have to document what you've been doing, including who has achieved what for a given assignment. If in doubt, re-read the relevant sections of Assignment 6 again, they apply in full for this assignment as well.

Everybody should have plenty of things to do for this assignment. If that's not the case, you're doing something wrong inside your team. Fix it!

Make sure you clearly designate one member of your team as responsible for handing in the deliverables for this assignment! You don't want to lose points because each of you thought someone else would submit!

No Problem (100%)

See above.


Please turn in a gzip-compressed tarball of your assignment. The filename should be cs255-assignment-13-team.tar.gz with team replaced by the short version of your team's name as used for your git repository. (See Piazza for additional information on how to submit assignments.)

The tarball should contain no derived files whatsoever but allow building all derived files. Include a README file that briefly explains what your programs do and that contains any other notes you want us to check out before grading. Make sure to include an appropriate Makefile for a clean build on Linux!

Please note that we reserve the right to dock points for revoltingly bad code, excessively bland art, and ear-shattering sound disasters!