600.226: Data Structures (Fall 2016)

Detailed Schedule

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Dates Topics Resources Lectures Collectables
Fri 9/2 Course Overview OpenDSA Ch 1 & 4, Shaffer Ch 1, Intro Java Examples, Unix tutorials & reference Introduction (Schatz) Assignment 1 Out
Mon 9/5 No class: Labor Day
Wed 9/7 Java Review, Interfaces, Checkstyle, Abstract Data Types, Testing Checkstyle website, Checkstyle How To Introduction to Interfaces (Schatz)
Fri 9/9 Abstract Data Types, Arrays Java Generics Arrays, Generics, and Exceptions (Schatz)
Mon 9/12 Generic Array Implementation Java Generics Array Implementation (Schatz) Assignment 2 Out
Wed 9/14 Lists, List-based Array Implementation Wikipedia on Linked Lists Lists (Schatz)
Fri 9/16 Iterators, Introduction to JUnit Iterator Interface, For-Each Loops Iterators (Schatz)
Mon 9/19 JUnit & Complexity JUnit 4 website Intro to JUnit, Intro to complexity analysis (Schatz) Assignment 3 Out
Wed 9/21 Sorting Open DSA Chapter 14 Sorting (Schatz)
Fri 9/23 Stacks Open DSA Chapter 6 Stacks (Schatz)
Mon 9/26 Stacks and Queues Stacks and Queues (Schatz) Assignment 4 Out
Wed 9/28 Stacks, Queues, and Dequeues Stacks, Queues, and Dequeues (Schatz)
Fri 9/30 Lists Open DSA Chapter 5 Lists (Schatz)
Mon 10/3 More Lists More Lists (Schatz) Assignment 5 Out
Wed 10/5 Midterm Review 1 Midterm Review 1 (Schatz)
Fri 10/7 Midterm Review 2 Midterm Review 2 (Schatz)
Mon 10/10 Midterm!
Wed 10/12 Trees Trees (Schatz)
Fri 10/14 More Trees and Graphs Tree Implementation (Schatz)
Mon 10/17 Graphs Graphs (Schatz) Assignment 6 Out
Wed 10/19 Graph Searching Graph Searching (Schatz)
Thurs 10/20 “Extra Monday”: Sets Jb Website Sets (Schatz)
Fri 10/21 No class: Fall Break Day
Mon 10/24 Ordered Sets (Peter Week) Assignment 7 Out
Wed 10/26 Priority Queues, Heaps (Peter Week)
Fri 10/28 Sets of integers, Bitsets (Peter Week)
Mon 10/31 Maps and BSTs Maps (Schatz) Assignment 8 Out
Wed 11/2 AVL Trees AVL Trees (Schatz)
Fri 11/4 Treaps Treaps (Schatz)
Mon 11/7 Hash Tables Hash Tables (Schatz)
Wed 11/9 Hash Tables pt 2 Hash Tables pt2 (Schatz)
Fri 11/11 Advanced Hash Tables Advanced Hash Tables (Schatz) Assignment 9
Mon 11/14 Suffix Arrays (Mike Week) Wikipedia page: Suffix Arrays Suffix Arrays (Schatz)
Wed 11/16 Burrows Wheeler Transform (Mike Week) Notes on the BWT Suffix Arrays and the BWT (Schatz)
Fri 11/18 Burrows Wheeler Transform pt2 (Mike Week) Video by Ben Langmead on the BWT BWT and Genome Assembly (Schatz) Assignment 10
Mon 11/21 No class: Thanksgiving
Wed 11/23 No class: Thanksgiving
Fri 11/25 No class: Thanksgiving
Mon 11/28 Advanced Sorting Advanced Sorting (Schatz)
Wed 11/30 Linear Time Sorting, Topological Sorting Topological Sorting (Schatz)
Fri 12/2 Shortest Path Problem, Dijkstras Algorithm Dijkstras Algorithm (Schatz)
Mon 12/5 Minimum Spanning Trees Minimum Spanning Trees (Schatz)
Wed 12/7 Union Find Union Find (Schatz)
Fri 12/9 Last Day of Class – Review! Review (Schatz)