Omar F. Zaidan

      PhD Candidate Graduate! (now with MSR)
Department of Computer Science
Center for Language and Speech Processing
Johns Hopkins University

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Well hello there!

Welcome to my homepage. Like most pages out there, you could say that this page
is perpetually "under construction." That said, it is actually rather up-to-date:

So anyway, hi, I'm Omar. I'm a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science
at Johns Hopkins University. I am also affiliated with The Center for Language
and Speech Processing (CLSP)
here at JHU.

I am interested in machine learning in general, especially applied to natural language
processing (NLP) tasks. This has led me to collaborate with people like Jason Eisner and
my advisor, Chris Callison-Burch. I study ways whereby we can better utilize human
annotators and their knowledge, and I develop interesting(?) models that take advantage
of such human knowledge. In applying these techniques, I've focused on text classification
and on machine translation, but I try to formulate those models so that they are
as general and abstract as possible.

Other than NLP, I am interested in almost anything that allows machines to perform
tasks that we (humans) are really good at, like computer vision, pattern recognition,
game playing, and artificial intelligence in general. Basically anything that would
get a non-CS person to go, " can make my computer do that?"

You sound cool. What is your geek code?

I don't have a geek code. I'm working on it though, I promise.

Last updated: October 29, 2012